Monday, March 1, 2010

As the Olympic Break ends, the Minnesota Wild Schedule has lots of upcoming games

Minnesota Wild Players confering on the ice
The Olympic Break is almost over and the Minnesota Wild will return to regular season play on Wednesday (March 3rd) in Calgary, Canada against the Calgary Flames. If you are looking for a quick get away you could head north and catch the game in land of the maple leaf.

If a winter vacation to an even colder location is not your idea of fun, hold out for a few more days and catch the Minnesota Wild take on the Calgary Flames at home in the Xcel Energy Center. The Wild-Flames game will take place on Sunday March 7th at 2 pm. I did some looking this morning and found great seats on Hockey Tickets Minnesota, a local website that sells great Minnesota Wild Tickets. When I checked there were seats in the 200 sections starting as low as $45. There were also Minnesota Wild Tickets that would place you in lower level for $70... a steal this time of year.

The Minnesota Wild also play at home next Tuesday (March 9th) and next Sunday (March 14th). Grab your Wild Tickets today and check out the Minnesota Wild Roster come back from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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